Lanzon Drum School is a school specialising in drums, percussion and music education and is based on over a decade of teaching experience. The school is located in Perth and is founded by local Perth drummer Ben Lanzon. 
The school is built on reliable and renowned syllabuses which ensure direction, structure and quality to each and every lesson. For intellectual property reasons the syllabuses are not publicised in detail on this site, however please book yours or your child's first free lesson and experience the courses for yourself. Please also take a moment to meet the teachers at Lanzon Drum School, view the testimonials from students and parents below and read our mission statement here.
Ben Lanzon
Founder and Principal Teacher

Ben Lanzon's passion for drums and percussion is instinctive and he loves sharing this passion with other people through his teaching and school.


Since the age of 12, Ben has been playing and learning drums and percussion and he has a firm understanding of what techniques, exercises and hard work is required to be an excellent drummer, percussionist and musician.


Whether taught by Ben or any of his teachers, it is Ben's promise to ensure the musical education provided is at the highest of quality. Ben has spent years writing material and ordering it into well documented syllabuses. Ben and his teachers use these on a day to day basis and have excellent quality students as a result.

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Andrew Silberstein
Senior Teacher

Andrew started drumming at the age of 12. Through his development as a drummer he had many teachers and was, for the most part, taught by Ben Lanzon until continuing independent learning at age 18.

Studying many styles and genres Andrew's main influences come from Hard Rock, Hardcore and Alternative bands using a four piece kit and a double kick pedal. He has also however studied advanced techniques in jazz and funk.

Andrew has been drumming with 'Mourning the Collector' since the age of 16 writing the percussion elements to their songs. Recently Andrew also gained experience drumming in the musical called "Viva La Restoration".

Andrew aims to create solid fundamentals in all of his students through hard work and the well structured lessons provided at Lanzon Drum School. Continuing on Andrew looks to develop highly competent students with a range of advanced and specific skills. Andrew likes to teach in a relaxed environment where the students feel he is approachable for any questions they may have; keeping the lessons as a fun and interactive experience.

Daniel Harper

Daniel Harper is a perth session musician, music educator from Perth, Western Australia. he has been playing the drums since the age of 9 years old and grew up listening to Rock and R&B/Funk.


Daniel has studied all sorts of styles and techniques. He loves rock, funk, blues, metal, reggae, fusion and countless other genres. Daniel is currently studying a Bachelor of Music at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts under Ric Eastman and Elliot Smith.


In 2015 Daniel become an endorsee for Yamaha Drums Australia. For the last three years he has played and toured for Perth hardcore/metal band Statues and is now playing for alt pop artist Adria and garage rock band Buzz Aldrin & The Second Bet. Daniel is also does cover band and session work.


The most important thing that Daniel can do as a teacher of drums is to instil passion, joy and creativity, as music can change lives!

Germaine Png

Germaine Png's musical journey started as a young girl, after watching countless musicals. She was inspired to start learning the drum kit. Over time, she decided to pick up world and mallet percussion as well.


Germaine is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Music (Classical Percussion) at WAAPA.

Other than having played the drum kit in multiple musicals and orchestras, Germaine also plays in new wave pop band Ah Trees. After having explored many genres, much of her style is influenced by fusion and funk bands such as Casiopea and Tower of Power. 

Whilst technical ability is extremely important, she believes that being 'groovy' and maintaining the interests of a student is equally important. 

Matt Thomas
Regan Dale

Regan began playing drums at the age of 12. Receiving drum lessons throughout high school helped him to develop important musical foundations.


He has performed in multiple rock, pop and blues bands in Perth and throughout the southwest of WA. 

Regan is currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Contemporary Music at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, studying under Ric Eastman and Elliot Smith to further improve his technical competency, musicality, and versatility as a player.


Regan hopes to provide students with strong foundation technique and help grow their passion for music.

Anthony Leadbetter

Anthony's passion for music began early in his life, growing up listening to RnB, pop, disco, soul and rock music styles.


As well as learning the piano from an early age,  Anthony aspired to fill the missing spot in the 'family band' by taking up the drums. From an early age drums were his main focus, Anthony was able to explore the trombone through high school, and consequently teach himself guitar, bass and percussion.  

Currently playing in Perth Pop/Garage band JFK, a drum student at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts and all round musician, Anthony hopes to instil his passion and love for music into all his students, sharing the knowledge he has gained over years of playing. 

Ben Stanley

Ben Stanley has been playing drums for 23 years after picking them at at the age of 13, he has extensive live and touring experience all around Australia in many bands.

Ben has been teaching for a little over 6 years and has a strong focus on posture and rudimentary basics.

It's really rewarding watching students improve and grow with music. Music is something you can use for the rest of your life.

"I have a real passion for this instrument and love sharing the gift of music with others".

Salv Di Criscito

Salv Di Criscito began playing the drums at the age of 13. Upon finishing high school & listening to a diverse range of musical styles, Salv was influenced by Gene Krupa, Keith Moon, John Bonham, Dave Grohl & his teachers Vinnie Crea & Ric Eastman. He graduated from WAAPA in 2000 with a Diploma of Music in Commercial Music. 

Recognised as a 'feel player' and for his high energy approach, he teaches drums with a strong focus on feel & musicality. He currently plays drummer for Marley Wynn after several years with The Morning Night. 

Daine Spowart

Daine Spowart has been playing/touring drums and piano professionally as a session player for over 10 years with many bands around Australia. 

After finishing his jazz studies at WAAPA in 2011, Daine has been playing gigs regularly with real experience in the music world that can be transferred into his lessons. 

Daine started teaching five years ago and really enjoys watching his students grow and get past the mental and physical barriers that playing music has.

Matt has been playing drums since the age of 10 and guitar since 11 years old, after being inspired by an all time south african rock legend, John Ellis, who lived across the road.

Matt has taken part in number of different ensembles and bands both through school and outside of school, including rock bands, jazz ensembles, wind bands, symphony orchestras and percussion groups. I completed Music ATAR in my final year of WACE.

In 2016, Matt travelled to China with his rock band to represent Australia at an international music festival, an opportunity provided by Shenton College.

Matt also completed a taiko drumming course giving him a new and unique set of skills involved with a different type of drumming. 

Currently studying Psychology at UWA, Matt plans to take part in the music ensembles that the campus has to offer, as well as working towards joining the Australian Army band.

Matt loves teaching music and watching people grow as musicians, and he hope to spark passion and inspiration in all those who are willing to learn and participate. It is for this reason he joined the Lanzon School of Music team!