Lanzon Drum School is a school specialising in drums, percussion and music education and is based on over a decade of teaching experience. The school is located in Perth and is founded by local Perth drummer Ben Lanzon. 
The school is built on reliable and renowned syllabuses which ensure direction, structure and quality to each and every lesson. For intellectual property reasons the syllabuses are not publicised in detail on this site, however please book yours or your child's first free lesson and experience the courses for yourself.
Ben Lanzon
Founder and Principal Teacher

Ben Lanzon's passion for drums and percussion is instinctive and he loves sharing this passion with other people through his teaching and school.


Since the age of 12, Ben has been playing and learning drums and percussion and he has a firm understanding of what techniques, exercises and hard work is required to be an excellent drummer, percussionist and musician.


Whether taught by Ben or any of his teachers, it is Ben's promise to ensure the musical education provided is at the highest of quality. Ben has spent years writing material and ordering it into well documented syllabuses. Ben and his teachers use these on a day to day basis and have excellent quality students as a result.