You should try learning drums at Lanzon Drum School if you are a:

- Beginner with an interest in drumming.
- Beginner with no drum kit and have an interest in drumming.
- Parent wanting structured learning and the right type of outside school musical education.
- Intermediate level drummer bored of what you are currently learning by yourself or with another teacher.
- Intermediate level drummer in need of direction and musical development.
- Experienced level drummer wanting to hone in / expand on certain skills or styles.
- Experienced level drummer needing assistance with further musical development.

All styles are covered such as rock, funk, jazz, brazilian, cuban, rhythms in different time signatures and others which branch off these main genres.

Please take a moment to hear what students and parents have to say here.
Ben Lanzon and all his teachers have a full police clearance and working with children check. Please ask to see at your next lesson or first FREE lesson.


The lessons at Lanzon Drum School have developed over years of experience. The quality of the material taught is based on Ben Lanzon's sound knowledge in drumming and music as well as his academic achievements in Civil and Structural Engineering at Curtin University of Technology.


The school is based on the following beliefs:

- Quality drum lessons delivered at all times.

- Good atmosphere for learning.

- Structured learning with clear direction.

- Pre-written syllabuses in place for structured learning taught to suit each learning style.


Please take a moment to hear what students and parents have to say here.


Lanzon Drum School has a full teaching plan in place which through teachings from Ben Lanzon and hard work from the student, a competent drummer, percussionist and musician will inevitably result.


The teaching plan summarises all of the aspects to drumming and allows for any student of any level and age to get to where they need to go.


For intellectual property reasons this is not publicised in detail on this site, however please come for a FREE lesson where this can be further explained.


The cost of one-on-one drum lessons at Lanzon Drum School is very competitive. Please see below.


- From $90.00 (incl. GST) per one hour lesson

- From $67.50 (incl. GST) per 45 minute lesson

- From $45.00 (incl. GST) per half hour lesson

- The first drum lesson is FREE (takes 30 minutes)


Please book by clicking below to find your way to your first FREE lesson.