Lanzon Drum School offers a complete service in learning the drums from the beginning level to advanced level.


The school covers all styles of drumming and has a solid focus on learning how to read which is a must for all musicians wanting to really excel at their instrument and understand the language of drumming.


The cost of the drum lessons at Lanzon Drum School are very competitive. Please take time to read more about the lessons and costs here


Please visit the contact page by clicking below to find your way to your first FREE lesson.


New to Lanzon Drum School is an exclusive Online Learning Centre.


In an effort to provide simply the best education around, Lanzon Drum School offers an incredible suppliment to the already exceptional lessons - online learning.


Within your personal member's page you can have access to a teacher 24/7.


Students at Lanzon Drum School have access to the Online Learning Centre included within their lessons. Non-students can sign up and learn at their own pace. To find out more click below.


“I am always impressed when struggling with a new technique how Ben is able to break it down into component parts which are already known and then build up to the desired state adding new elements as we progress. I believe he has the right mix between learning some of the technical aspects of drumming (reading music, understanding spacing etc) and just playing for fun (covers etc). ”

- Alastair M., Student


Lanzon Drum School now offers a full package where you can obtain quality drum lessons and hire a quality acoustic or electric drum kit all under the one roof. It is perfect for those who want to try before they buy.


We also offer a complete service to ensuring you get the best deal on a brand new or second hand drum kit.


If you are a student at Lanzon Drum School, you will receive this service free of charge. If you are not a student then there is a small fee which is worked out on a case by case basis.


The full service will include the following and is always within your specified budget:

- Search and enquire whether brand new or second hand

- Review and collection of the goods.

- A full service including repair, lubrication and tuning of the goods.

- Delivery of the goods and a lesson on how to set up if desired.


So if you would like to rent a drum kit, or take away all the hassles of searching and buying drum kits / gear then enquire with Lanzon Drum School and get a professional to do it for you today.